Laughter & sleep – it’s what gets me through the day.

I always hear about how Americans don’t get enough sleep; well, that’s for sure not true for me! When my kids were babies I learned the hard way that I just do not function on insufficient sleep.

As for laughter, I can’t help but to find the funny in everything. When I was a teenager working at McDonald’s I was always overlooked for the “trainer” promotion because I was not serious enough. Humor is what attracted me to my husband Tad; I knew him as a co-worker and had been invited to his housewarming party. I walked up to his front door to see a doormat that said, “Hi, I’m Mat” and that just about did it.

I created this blog many years ago but it never got off the ground. When Tad & I were first married, we kept a family blog, but lost it in a harddrive failure. Then life got busy; and with Facebook, an easier way of keeping my family posted about our adventures became available. When I got cancer I decided to start my Project Perky blog, and that has gone gloriously dormant of late.

Lately hiking has been my obsession focus. In fall of 2020, having just gotten back from hiking the John Muir Trail, I decided I needed a new goal, and set my sights on the 100 Peaks Challenge. So, I dusted this blog off as a place to record my hikes, mixed in with some other day-to-day musings, family adventures, and day-in-the-life postings of a working mom. Well, that’s my intention, anyway…!

Erika Lawson
El Cajon, CA
October, 2020

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